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Show Me The Love! Just Dew It!

Trimming your dog’s nails is not only a cosmetic necessity, it is an essential part of your dog’s health, as well. Just like in humans, dog’s nails continuously grow. Wild dogs naturally wear down their nails due to the amount of exercise (walking, running) they do on uneven and rough terrain. Our domestic dogs don’t […]

Different Dogs With Different Jobs

NottaBear Newfoundlands is a kennel of service, therapy, and emotional support dogs. We train the dogs at home, and they also go to school to learn socialization and appropriate behaviors. Each dog has their own distinct personality and is good at the tasks they enjoy. Based upon that, we choose different jobs for different dogs.Service […]

Ready. Set. Let’s Go! Don’t Call Me Garfield!

When you hear the words “Fast CAT” do they conjure up images of a tabby chasing a Dachshund? Does it also bring to mind your dislike of Mondays or your fear of spiders? If so, you’re probably not alone. Set aside your lunaediesophobia and arachnophobia for a moment, if you will, and allow me to […]

Chester & Rodney – Arrested Development

Last week, we went to an agility trial somewhat far from home, making it necessary to book a hotel for the weekend. After a long day of agility, we arrived at the hotel.Dad stayed in the truck with us, while mom went into the room to do a “pill check”. She had a bit of […]

Prepping Your Pup To Be A Therapy Dog

Any breed of dog can be trained to be a therapy dog. Whether you have a large breed or small breed, your dog will need lots of training to get started. They should go through a behavior class and learn the basic commands: sit, stay, come. There are private trainers, and some pet stores offer […]

Chester & Rodney – Rodney Drives Me Crazy

As many of you know, I got my driver’s license when I was six months old.Rodney didn’t show interest in getting his until recently, when he turned twelve months old, as he was pursuing other interests…such as rolling a rubber ball to and fro under the living room Lazy Boy…don’t ask. He finally decided that […]

Dogs Are The Best Medicine

I worked in the caregiving industry for over 30 years. I had a heart for the elderly and witnessed a lot of loneliness and heartache. It was natural for me to want to take the dogs on visits to care homes. I contacted the activity directors at several locations to set up visit […]

The Gift of Love

Now that your new furry family member has had a few weeks to adapt to his new home, it’s time to discuss different training methods. Remember that the method you choose is up to you and your puppy’s needs, but training is a must for any dog. A 2012 study found that 80 […]

Show Me The Love! Can you say ‘cookie?’

When training your dog with positive reinforcement, it is important always to have treats easily accessible – accessible to you, not to your dog – in order to make it easier to shape and/or capture desired behaviors. I keep a bowl filled with healthy dry treats on the counter at all times to make it […]

Grammy of NottaBear Newfoundlands

This week, we’re introducing a new contributing writer, Susan Reznicsek of NottaBear Newfoundlands. Each month, she’ll be writing about the world of therapy and service dogs, including how dogs are selected and the training process along with her personal experiences sharing her family’s gentle giants.I am happy to share with you my wonderful kennel of […]

The (obstacle ridden) Road to Westminster

For an agility dog, the road to Westminster is paved with obstacles…A-frames, jumps, tunnels, teeters…Unless you live under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The WKC conformation dog show is one of the most prestigious dog shows in the U.S. It got its start in 1877 and […]

Chester & Rodney – Sink or Swim

Some dogs swim like fish; others swim like a ton of bricks. We learned that the hard way when we rented a house with a pool…As one would expect, Retrieving breeds, Newfoundlands, Water Spaniels, and the like, are natural swimmers. Generally speaking, large chested breeds, such as Bulldogs and Pugs, do not make […]