Worth Begging For

When it comes to catering to canines, we’re the first (and finest) dog bakery in the animal kingdom. Check out some of the decadent dishes our bakeries are serving up.
Ruffles - Treats for Dogs


Bite-size balls of wheat-flour cake crumbs combined with frosting and rolled in carob, coconut or peanuts for your dog.

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Specialty Cakes - Cakes for Dogs

Specialty Cake

Our chefs can make a variety of cakes to make that celebration for your dogs even more special. Call for pricing and availability.

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Rocky Road Ice Cream - treats for dogs

Rocky Road Ice Cream Treat

Our Rocky Road Ice Cream Wafer treats for dogs have all the legendary flavors of the ice cream – without the spoon! It combines decadent carob-flavored wafers with tiny peanut and mini marshmallow wafers for a GRReat treat that will leave your dog begging for…

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Springer Spaniel Sprinkles- Treats for Dogs

Springer Spaniel Sprinkles

Our famous crunchy, wheat flour, peanut-flavored Beg-Als dipped in carob and sprinkled with a mixture of coconut, peanuts, and carob. Super hard and extra delicious for your dog. Two sizes available: regular and Itty Bitty.

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dipped classic creme - treats for dogs

Carob Dipped Lick N’ Crunch!®

Our wheat-flour Lick’N Crunch!® Cookies for dogs are dipped in carob for an extra crunch.

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great-big-bone - Treats for Dogs

Dino Bone® (personalize with carob)

12” wheat flour, peanut biscuit treat for your dog that is dipped in carob. Personalized for FREE! Bigger version of Great Big Bone.

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Everday-Gracies Rollovers - Treats for Dogs

Gracie’s Rollovers®

Two wheat flour, peanut-flavored biscuits rolled tight for your dog. One is dipped in carob and the other is dipped in yogurt.

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Woofie Pie- Treats for Dogs

Woofie Pie (Regular & mini)

Our version of a whoopie pie for dogs. Frosting is sandwiched in between two delicious layers of our rice flour cake. Cake flavor and frosting will vary by the season. Two sizes available: regular and mini.

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WheatFree Pupcake - Treats for Dogs

Wheat-Free Pupcakes® (large & small)

Our version of a wheat-free Pupcake® for dogs. Always delicious, but cake flavor and decorations will vary with the season.

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fetch-it-sticks - treats for dogs


Savory, wheat flour, barbecue flavored biscuits with tomato, liquid smoke and a hint of garlic for dogs.

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Puppy Tracks - Desserts for Dogs

Puppy Tracks® Ice Cream Treat

Imagine the sweet taste of carob, peanut butter, and vanilla ice cream in an easy to eat treat. No drips, no mess, no fuss – just bites of pure joy for your dogs!

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great-big-bone - Treats for Dogs

Great Big Bone (personalize with carob)

5” wheat flour, peanut biscuit for dogs that is dipped in carob. Personalized for FREE! Smaller version of Dino Bone.

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