Worth Begging For

When it comes to catering to canines, we’re the first (and finest) dog bakery in the animal kingdom. Check out some of the decadent dishes our bakeries are serving up.
great-big-bone - Treats for Dogs

Dino Bone® (personalize with carob)

12” wheat flour, peanut biscuit treat for your dog that is dipped in carob. Personalized for FREE! Bigger version of Great Big Bone.

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pawlines - cookies for dogs


A thin, rice-flour cookie for dogs that is dipped in yogurt and decorated with a carob pawprint.

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Lickety Split-Desserts for Dogs


Our version of ice cream for dogs has a grain-free, whey-protein base with a consistency like cake frosting. Flavors vary by location and may have grains added dependent upon flavor.

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Puppy Tracks - Desserts for Dogs

Puppy Tracks® Ice Cream Treat

Imagine the sweet taste of carob, peanut butter, and vanilla ice cream in an easy to eat treat. No drips, no mess, no fuss – just bites of pure joy for your dogs!

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great-big-bone - Treats for Dogs

Great Big Bone (personalize with carob)

5” wheat flour, peanut biscuit for dogs that is dipped in carob. Personalized for FREE! Smaller version of Dino Bone.

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Neopolitan Ice Cream-300x300 - Treats for Dogs

Neapolitan Ice Cream Wafers

Neapolitan Ice Cream treats for dogs offer the best of three worlds of flavor! Our vanilla, carob, and strawberry wafers come together in one delicious package. Whether one treat at a time or all three flavors in one bite, there’s something for every pup.

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Peanut Mutter Cups - Grain Free for Dogs

Peanut Mutter Cup

Our bakery-made version of a peanut butter cup for dogs. It is a grain-free, carob shell with a peanut-flavored center and decorated with a yogurt pawprint.

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peanut-brindle - Treats for Dogs

Peanut Brindle

A rice-flour cookie bar for dogs that is sprinkled with peanuts and drizzled with carob. Super thin and super delicious.

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peanut-mutter - cookies for dogs

Peanut Mutter Cookies

Our version of the traditional peanut butter cookie for dogs. Wheat flour, peanut cookie with chopped peanuts.

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Pupcake Regular - Cupcakes for Dogs

Pupcakes® (large & small)

Our version of a cupcake for pups. Always droolicious, but cake flavor and decorations will vary with the season. Available in wheat, wheat-free, and grain-free. Two sizes available – standard-size and small.

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Puppermint Patties - Treats for Dogs

Puppermint Patties

A thin, rice-flour cookie with a splash of peppermint oil and dipped in carob for dogs.

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Puptart - Desserts for Dogs


A perfect bite! A wheat flour pastry shell filled with frosting for dogs. The frosting and toppings vary by season

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