GRReat Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

We’ll be completely honest; we know dog people are a different breed. They have more photos and videos of dogs on their phones than they do people. Their social media feeds are filled with dogs, and they remember their neighbor’s dog’s name way before they do their neighbor’s.

If we just described someone on your howliday shopping list, or if you happen to be shopping for yourself, head over to your nearest bakery. We have more than gifts for dogs. We have gifts for dog lovers, too!

Check out some ideas we’ve rounded up. While selections at each of our bakeries worldwide may vary, they’re sure to inspire you.

Box Signs

Our collection of boxes and primitive styled signs are sure to bring a smile to the dog lover on your list with cheeky phrases, inspiring words, or a heart warming message. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. They’re great for home or the office.


From hats and sweatshirts to tank tops and tees, our bakeries have a wide variety of wearables that feature our furry friends. Some are witty or focus on a breed, while others showcase sentiments all pet lovers agree upon.


Our selection of dog-themed magnets is sure to brighten up a kitchen or add some personality to an office. They range from funny and simple to artistic with warm quotes. No matter what you select, we think you’ll find a couple you are attracted to.


Okay. A doormat not seem like a gift. BUT, your dog lover will LOVE our Soggy Doggy Doormats. They absorb excess water and trap dirt brought into the house by their pup, leaving their home and floors clean. Literally, they’re a game-changer.