The howlidays are back at our bakeries across the globe with furry fan-favorites that bring the tastes of the season alive along with some new fresh-baked, culinary surprises. Starting Friday, Nov. 27th, the beloved personalized Stocking Cookies returns alongside other returning seasonal menu items, such as the Christmas Tree Puptart and Christmutt Tree Cake.

“What’s new,” your pup asks Well, hold on to your collars! We’ve got LOADS of new festive treats that will make your pup’s tastebuds come alive like our Holiday Pawty Pack, the Fur Tree Brownie, and Cranberry Vanilla Labrador Loaf, just to name a few. Plus, for the ultimutt in howliday family fun, we’re introducing our Gingerbread Dog House Make At Home Kit.

We promise the pups, this howliday season will be the most delicious one yet!

NEW! Holiday Pawty Pack Cookie Set

If the thought of picking the right fresh-baked treats is a bit overwhelming or you want something quick and easy, check out our Howliday Pawty Pack Cookie Set. Our chef has selected six fresh-baked howliday cookies, they’re boxed and ready to go! Easy peasy and a GRReat choice to leave out for Santa Paws.


NEW! Gingerbread House Kit For Your Dog

This time of the year, friends and family often get together for quality time and fun activities. A GRReat way to have some howliday fun is to build a gingerbread house for your dog! Yep. You heard us right. Our chefs have gingerbread house kits ready to go. So, not only can you build a gingerbread house for your pup, but you can decorate it, and your pup can eat it, too.

NEW! Fur Tree Brownie

This new dog treat is PAWsitively adorable! It’s a carob brownie shaped like a Christmas tree. Our chef then decorates it with our traditional frosting and tops it off with an Itty Bitty Bone as the tree base. As always, we never use dyes for coloring. Our colors come the addition of vegetable powders and juices.

NEW! Cranberry Vanilla Labrador Loaf

What? Another new treat? Yep! Our rice flour based Labrador Loaf gets a holiday update with the additions of cranberries and vanilla. It’s then topped with our vanilla frosting and sprinkled with dried cranberries. Pure howliday bliss! Available as a mini loaf or by the slice.

Returning Customer Favorites…

We know for some of our furry customers, they’re howlidays won’t be complete with out their favorite treats. So, rest assured, we’re bringing back a lot of their “can’t miss” treats!


Personalized Cookies

How do you improve upon a fresh-baked cookie for a pup in your life? You get it personalized! True, the dog may not read. But, the thought and care you put into getting it personalized are what truly matters. It came from your heart to theirs. We have a variety of bone-shaped cookies and biscuits available throughout the year, but during the howlidays, we have PAWsome Stocking Cookies and Dog House Cookies, too.

Christmutt Tree Cake

If your pup is a cake LOVER, look no further than our Christmutt Tree Cake. It’s a carob cake sweetened with applesauce. It’s wrapped in our vanilla-flavored frosting, and edged in carob powder. Available in some bakeries as wheat-flour cake or grain-free.

Christmas Tree Puptart

Our Christmas Tree Puptart is the PAWfect howliday bite for pups big and small. It’s a wheat flour mini tart shell filled with our frosting, sweetened with honey, and decorated with a small, wheat flour cookie star. Absolutely cute and absolutely droolicious.

Snow Globe Cookies

Our Snow Globe Cookies for dogs brings the beauty of winter indoors. They are a wheat-flour based cookie decorated with yogurt, carob, and coconut. The colors come from the use of vegetable powders and juices.

As you’re out and about doing your holiday shopping, don’t FURget to stop by your nearest bakery and treat your pup to something special from our bakery cases. Our eye-catching treats are the perfect way to get your pup in the festive mood.