Training Tip Tuesday – Taking the “Leave It” Cue A Step Further

Ready! The Thrill of the Lure

Lure coursing is as exciting for your canine companion to participate in, as it is for you to watch.This sport requires a dog be off leash and chase a mechanically operated lure, which is normally a set of three plastic bags tied onto a thick string.The lure will twist and turn, and will go just […]

Go Big & Bark About It!

Three Dog Bakery, LLC is pleased to
reveal its updated logo, the launch of a new visual brand identity, and new
packaging at SuperZoo in Las Vegas on July 25-27 along with four classic
childhood cookies reimagined as dog treats.“The
launch of our refreshed logo and visual brand is a significant milestone and
the start of a new era for […]

Training Tip Tuesday – Training the “Leave It” Cue in the Real World

Not only is the Leave It cue very handy in everyday life with your dog – but it is also very easy to train!START IN THE LIVING ROOMA good place to start is in your living. Remember, the Leave It cue doesn’t mean your dog has done anything wrong. It just means they […]

Show Me – You Rang?

Teaching your dog to come when called, also known as a “recall”, can literally save his life.You may be thinking that it’s not really necessary for you to teach it, because you have no intention of letting Fido off leash in an unsecured area.To that I say, think again.Even if you’re extra careful when opening […]

Training Tip Tuesday – Training the “Leave It” Cue when Objects are Under Your Control

Getting to Know You – Affenpinscher

Like many small breeds, the Affenpinscher’s mentality is that of a large dog. This rare breed, whose name means “monkey-like terrier,” originated in Germany and was developed to rid areas of rodents. The name was derived from the fact that their facial expression, beard, and long eyebrows, remind one of a […]

Training Tip Tuesday – Overview of the Leave It cue

When I am working with a new dog, one of the first cues I
train is Leave It.Leave It simply means disengage from your current
activity. It is easy to train and very
useful. My dog’s hear it multiple times
a day. That doesn’t mean they are bad
dogs. They are just dogs. They sometimes choose […]

Chester & Rodney – What floor?

Rodney had his first ride in an elevator today. For those of you who don’t know what an elevator is, it’s a closet with no clothes in it. That sounds uninteresting, but get this; it’s a magical closet. The automatic door opens, you get in, the door close behind you, opens a few seconds later, […]

Our rawhide is different

Because we love dogs like you love dogs AND we’re pet parents, just like you, we know dogs have a natural tendency to chew. And, while many dogs LOVE rawhide, it’s up to us as pet parents to educate ourselves about it and then decide if we feel comfortable with it. If so, then we […]

Training Tip Tuesday – Getting Creative with Food-Stuffed Toys

You’ve walked your dog. You’ve played ball in the yard. But, when you sit down in the evening, your dog still has excess energy to burn. You just need a few minutes to yourself. What do you do with your dog?Time for a food stuffed toy!Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed how to replace […]

Ready! – Sign This

Who doesn’t enjoy some friendly
competition? And what better way to
spend your time than with your dog?
Combine these two and the world is your oyster. Or, should you not eat seafood, your
steak. There are many organizations,
such as the Kennel Club, AKC (American Kennel Club), or UKC (United Kennel Club), that offer
organized performance […]