Getting to Know You – Afghan Hound

If you’ve ever seen an Afghan
Hound moving, you will have seen poetry in motion. From their flowing hair to their suspended
gait, Afghan Hounds are pure elegance.
They are one of the most ancient of breeds, dating back thousands of
years, and hail from the Middle East.
They are well adapted to the harsh living conditions of their native
Afghanistan, with their long coat protecting them from the cold at high

beautiful coats, which come in many colors, require a lot of grooming. A lot.
If you want a wash-and-wear dog, this is not the breed for you. You must be prepared to spend a couple of
hours every week washing, drying and detangling him. Otherwise, you’ll have a matted mess, and may
have no choice other than to shave that beautiful coat right off. Furthermore, grooming an Afghan is
challenging due to their low pain tolerance.
A minor pull of the hair and they’ll be screaming bloody murder. But, if having a gorgeous dog sitting beside
you on your couch in the evening is your heart’s desire, then the challenge of
keeping them in show coat will be well worth it.

Hounds are tall, but not heavy dogs. A
male adult Afghan Hound will measure approximately 27 inches and weigh around
60 pounds, while a female will be 23 inches and weigh 50 pounds. These sighthounds are fearless, large game hunters
and, as such, have highly developed prey drives. They are also an athletic
breed that need plenty of exercise in a secure area. No matter how well you train a recall,
instinct is a powerful thing, so don’t expect them to come when called once
they’ve started giving chase.

and aloof, Afghans have been described as a cat in a dog’s body. They are affectionate, goofy and mischievous
dogs known for stealing anything within their reach. And, believe you me,
everything is within their reach. They
are thinkers with an independent nature and, while they do bond with their
masters, they have no particular desire to please them. It is this independent nature, along with
that well developed prey drive that makes training an Afghan Hound a
challenge. If you’re looking for an easy
to train dog, that will be at your beck and call, keep looking. But if you want a loving companion who is a
clown at heart, then the Afghan Hound may be the dog for you.

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