Getting To Know You – Kromforhlander

Hailing from Germany, the Kromforhlander is a medium-sized breed.  They measure between 15 and 18 inches.  Males weigh 24 to 35 pounds, while females weigh 20 to 31 pounds.  Kromis, as they are also known, are either white and brown, or white and tan – both colors will have a white blaze on the forehead.  Their coats come in two separate varieties, rough and smooth.  The rough-coated variety has a beard and all around scruffy look.  The smooth-coated variety has no beard and is, as you would expect, smoother looking than it’s scruffy counterpart.  Currently, only rough-coated Kromis are being bred in the United States.  It is possible but very difficult, to get a smooth coated Kromi from a European breeder.  The waitlist to import one to the U.S. is typically very long. 

Kromis are athletic and love to jump and climb.  Kromforhlanders are intelligent, sensitive and good-natured. They typically have biddable temperaments and a desire to please.  This breed is energetic but responds well to positive training.  It can excel in performance sports, such as competitive obedience, rally, and agility.  Kromis are people oriented and become very attached to their owners.  They will rarely run away.  That said, you must always be vigilant with any dog when outdoors and off leash.   

First officially recognized in Germany in 1955, this is a relatively new bred.  Kromis were accepted into the American Kennel Club’s Foundation Stock Service in 2012.  They are very rare in the United States and since 1978, only 73 recorded have been recorded in 17 states.  According to the Kromforhlander Club of America, possible breeds “that would have contributed to the creation of the Kromfohrlander include Briquet Vendeen, English White Terrier (the foundation of Parson Russell and Fox Terriers), Poodle, Beagle, Berger des Pyrenees, Schnauzer and Brittany, which would have made the smooth variety possible.  Through the generations, the natural instincts to hunt or herd were subdued and thus a breed with moderate to very little hunting instinct and the deep loyalty and sensitivity of a much smaller companion dog was developed.”

The Kromforhlander is a relatively long-lived breed, usually between 13 to 15 years.  As with all breeds, they are prone to certain health issues.  These issues include hyperkeratosis (known as “corny feet”, a thickening and hardening of the paws or nose), epilepsy and cystinuria (a genetic problem that allows the buildup of amino acids in the urine).  A good breeder will be vigilant of these issues and will try to minimize the appearance of these in their litters.

For more information on this adorable companion dog and to find a breeder, please go to the Kromforhlander Club of America at