Churro Lick’n Crunch!®

Share the Nostalgia of Cinnamon-Dusted Goodness

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At Three Dog Bakery, we help pet parents unleash their unconditional love for their dog with irresistible treats. We can’t forget the cinnamon-dusted goodness of churros we bought from a street vendor on a recent vacation! It excited us so much we created Churro Lick’n Crunch!, a drool-worthy combination of vanilla flavored crème kissed with nose-tingling real cinnamon sandwiched between two golden vanilla cookies. You don’t have to take your dog on a trip to enjoy that unforgettable sweetness, they can taste this blissful blend at home, anytime!
  • Our classic sandwich cookie with a twist inspired by our favorite desserts!
  • Drool-worthy treats that will make your pup’s mouth happy!
  • Vanilla flavored crème with a touch of real cinnamon layered between two golden vanilla cookies.
  • From the Original Bakery for Dogs.
  • No artificial flavors and made with real cinnamon!
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