There’s quite nothing so wonderful as watching your loved ones, including the pups, open their howliday gifts. The flurry of ripping paper and the squeals of joy are always heartwarming. But, don’t FURget, gifts don’t have to be big and extravagant to say, “You’re important to me.” Smaller, more personal gifts and stocking stuffers can be just as meaningful if not better than one big howliday present. And, if they’re from Three Dog Bakery, you know they’ll taste GRReat.

Of course, all the treats listed below are available at your nearest Three Dog Bakery! But, if you’re not near a Three Dog Bakery, don’t despair! The packaged treats listed are available at select merchants online or near you.



If you need a gift that you know will send the canine recipient into full-body wagging mode, check out our Lick’n Crunch!® cookies. They’re a long-time favorite of our furry customers.

Lick’n Crunch!® Stocking Stuffers

These small packages of Lick’n Crunch!® are GRReat stocking-stuffer size of our PUPular sandwich crème dog cookies. Choose from our carob cookies with peanut butter-flavored filling or our golden cookies with vanilla filling. Both are drool-worthy and are decked out in festive packaging.

Lick’n Crunch!® in Howliday Packaging

Looking for a gift for the dog that has everything? Pick up a full-size box of Lick’n Crunch!® in holiday packaging. Two flavor options – Carob with Red Creme or Carob with Puppermint Creme. Both will be loved by dogs of all ages and sizes.



Check out these smaller treats if the pups on your holiday list are more diminutive or dogs watching their waistlines. They’re small in size but BIG in flavor.

Three Dog Bakery Super Rewards Blueberry Cobbler


At just 3 calories, Super Rewards with Superfoods are a PAWfect size for rewarding everyday achievements, like a good ‘sit’ or ‘who’s a good boy?’ Or as a treat for our smaller fur­ry friends. They are also GRReat to use in food-stuffed toys.

Front_IttyBittyBone_PB - Treats For Dogs


If your pup LOVES a good crunch, look no further than Three Dog Bakery’s Itty Bitty Bones® with Peanut Butter. They’re small, crunchy biscuits that dogs of all sizes love!



We all know that sometimes dogs, just like humans, can get bored with ‘the same ol’ same ol.’ Well, our chefs have been working overtime and have come up with some new treats to keep the foodie pups coming back for more!


Treat your pup to a taste of breakfast any time of the day. Three Dog Bakery’s soft-baked Quiche Bites are loaded with love and real ingredients, like eggs, bacon, cheese, and spinach. Their skilled pastry chefs slow bake this savory recipe from scratch in small batches to create that soft, irresistible texture, but it also helps lock in all the drool-worthy flavors your furry friend loves!


Soft Baked Assort Mutt Trio - Treats For Dogs


Your dog eats the same food every day, so change things up with an assort-mutt of our favorite flavors: oatmeal and apple, peanut butter, and vanilla. They’re our dogs’ favorite flavors, too. Each is made with real, wholesome ingredients they’ll go wild for, and you can feel good about giving them.


Dogs are an important part of the family, so why should their treats be so different? Our cookies may look just like traditional childhood favorites, but they’re made especially for dogs.


Remember how much you loved animal crackers as a kid? Why not treat your pup with that nostalgic flavor? But instead of lions and tigers and bears, they’ll get to chomp down on delicacies like mail carriers, cats, squirrels, and bones.

Three Dog Bakery Cookie with Carob Flavored Chips


Cookies aren’t just for blue monsters. But chocolate is. That’s why we use dog-safe carob in our carob-flavored chip cookies and other wholesome ingredients like wheat flour and cane molasses. And with no artificial colors or flavors,  your pup can really celebrate every moment.


Our grain-free treats come in a wide variety of flavors for sensitive tummies. From sweet to savory, these premium treats will make tails wag while keeping stomachs happy, so pet parents can feel good celebrating and treating every day.

Woofer Grain Free Peanut Butter Dog Treat- Treats For Dogs


Your dog may have a grain allergy, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a good treat! Enjoy our Soft-Baked Grain-Free Woofers. Each is baked fresh with wholesome ingredients like peanut butter, natural banana flavor, and pea flour, without any of the grains your dog is sensitive to.


We understand that dogs are not all the same. Some are big and some are small. Some like sweet treats and others prefer savory, meaty treats. That is why our soft-baked Turkey with Cranberry treats will make tails wag while keeping stomachs happy,

As you’re out and about doing your howliday shopping, don’t forget to treat your pup to something special from Three Dog Bakery. Our eye-catching treats are the PAWfect way to get your pup in the festive mood.