Dog Gift Ideas for the Perfect Howl-iday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s howliday season at Three Dog Bakery. It’s the season to go BIG and spoil your loved ones, four-legged and two-legged. 

Of course, we’re here to help you in that quest as you’re getting ready for the howlidays. We’re baking festive treats, filling stockings with goodies, decorating the bakery, and singing along to holiday music.

This year, we’ve also put together a Howliday Gift Guide that is sure to inspire some gifting ideas for the dogs and the dog-loving people in your life. And, if you happen to buy a thing or two for yourself, we won’t tell!



Fresh Baked Holiday Dog Treats

Gifts They’ll Drool Over

We’ve got LOADS of new festive fresh-baked treats that will make your pup’s tastebuds come alive.

Three Dog Bakery Holiday Lick'n Crunch

Stuffing the Stockings

Fill their stockings with a variety of holiday treats including our limited-edition holiday Lick’n Crunch!

Three Dog Bakery Treats Holiday Morning

Build Their Howl-iday Morning Gift Pile

We have an assortment of howliday treats, personalized cookies and packaged treats, and some fun things in between.

Gifts For The Dog Lover

We know dog people are a different breed. They have more photos and videos of dogs on their phones than they do people. If we just described someone you know, this howliday shopping list is for you.

Howliday Styles

Grab your pup and head over to your nearest bakery to check out all our howliday attire!