Labrador Loaf - Cakes for Dogs

Labrador Loaf

Carob-flavored, wheat-cake loaf that is made for dogs is dipped in carob and topped with swirls of frosting.

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PawtyCake - Cookies for Dogs

Pawty Cake Cookie

Wheat-flour cookie for dogs in the shape of a birthday cake. Sweetened with honey. Decorated with yogurt and carob. Color comes from vegetable powders.

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bonecakes - Cakes for Dogs

Small Bone Cake

Our Small Bone dog cake is perfect for smaller celebrations. At approximately 6-8” long, 3” wide and 1.5” high, this cake serves 1-3 dogs. Flavors and options include peanut butter, carob chip, carrot cake, wheat-free, and grain free.

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Large Bone Cake - Treats for Dogs

Large Bone Cake

Celebrate your dog’s special day with our Large Bone Cake. At approximately 12” long, 5” wide and 1.5” high, this cake serves 5-10 dogs. Flavors and options include peanut butter, carob chip, carrot cake, wheat-free, and grain-free.

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Pink Celebration Cake - Cakes for Dogs

Pink 5″ Round Celebration Cake

A 5″ round cake for dogs that is frosted with our traditional buttermilk, honey frosting colored with vegetable powder. Decorated with yogurt and carob and edged with coconut. Available with a wheat-flour, wheat-free, or grain-free base.

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Smores - Treats for Dogs

Barkin’ for S’Mores™

Our S’Mores look just like the human version but dog safe! A layer of frosting and carob are sandwiched between two rice flour, peanut-flavored cookies.

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snicker-poodles - Cookies for Dogs


Crunchy cinnamon-based cookies with a touch of honey for dogs.

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Springer Spaniel Sprinkles- Treats for Dogs

Springer Spaniel Sprinkles

Our famous crunchy, wheat flour, peanut-flavored Beg-Als dipped in carob and sprinkled with a mixture of coconut, peanuts, and carob. Super hard and extra delicious for your dog. Two sizes available: regular and Itty Bitty.

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WheatFree Pupcake - Treats for Dogs

Wheat-Free Pupcakes® (large & small)

Our version of a wheat-free cupcake for dogs. Always delicious, but cake flavor and decorations will vary with the season.

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Woofie Pie- Treats for Dogs

Woofie Pie (Regular & mini)

Our version of a whoopie pie for dogs. Frosting is sandwiched in between two delicious layers of our rice flour cake. Cake flavor and frosting will vary by the season. Two sizes available: regular and mini.

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bulldog-bar - desserts for dogs

Bulldog Bar

Delicious frosting sandwiched between two large wheat flour, peanut biscuits for dogs and dipped in carob. Bigger version of Bichon Bar.

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dipped classic creme - treats for dogs

Carob Dipped Lick N’ Crunch

Our wheat-flour Lick’N Crunch Cookies for dogs are dipped in carob for an extra crunch.

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