Three Dog Bakery Launches New Line Of Small Rewards

Super Rewards with Superfoods are super for pets and super for the planet


At Three Dog Bakery, we believe every occasion is worth celebrating when you have a dog. Of course, the milestones like birthdays and ‘gotcha days’ get special treats, but the small everyday events, like a good ‘sit’ or a ‘who’s a good boy?’ deserve something tasty, too. So, we tasked our chefs to craft a new treat that was S-U-P-E-R and inspired by their bakery pastries.

Of course, we said this new treat has to be super tasty. Duh. But, it should also be super small, so it can be given multiple times a day. It should be super good – so sneak some healthy fruit in there. And, if you can make it GRReat for the planet, too, then SUPER!

Guess what? Our chefs did it! They came up with Super Rewards with Superfoods! It’s our new line of small rewards in three drool-worthy flavors inspired by bakery flavors: Orchard Apple Pie flavor, Blueberry Cobbler flavor, and Pumpkin & Cranberry Crumble flavor.

Each treat is small in size and calories but BIG on flavor. They’re made with antioxidant-rich superfoods like apples, blueberries, pumpkins, and cranberries. Plus, each recipe uses premium upcycled food ingredients to help reduce global food waste. Quite literally, Super Rewards with Superfoods are super for pets AND super for the planet.

“Everyone and every dog enjoy receiving a reward. For dog lovers like us, giving our pups a treat multiple times a day is common. It’s more than a reward for good behavior. It’s an expression of love and appreciation for our fur babies,” said Monica Pitzner, Chief Marketing Officer. “So, it’s important to us that we make those moments as special as possible. We set out to create small, tasty treats with wholesome ingredients so our customers can celebrate more special moments together with their BFF (best furry friend.) And, helping the planet is a wonderful bonus.”

Of course, Super Rewards are available at select Three Dog Bakery locations But, if you’re not near one, don’t worry. You can sniff out these GRReat rewards on the Three Dog Bakery website.