Three Dog Bakery to Showcase Cookies with Carob Flavored Chips at Global Pet Expo

Three Dog Bakery, LLC is pleased to showcase the new Cookies with Carob Flavored Chips, a classic childhood cookie reimagined for dogs, at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL.

The traditional chocolate chip cookie is getting a dog-safe update so pet parents can safely share a taste of their childhood with their pups. Baked with pure love, these cookies contain no salt, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives for guilt-free treating.

“Everyone knows and loves that feeling of biting into a cookie baked just for you, and with our new Cookies with Carob Flavored Chips, your pup can experience that same love,” said Jerry Dear, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development. “Slow baked in small batches with dog-safe carob chips and packaged just like the human equivalent; these are sure to delight dogs and the people who love them.”

Global Pet Expo attendees are encouraged to learn more about Cookies with Carob Flavored Chips by visiting the New Products Showcase and booth #715.

About Three Dog Bakery, LLC

Founded in 1989, Three Dog Bakery is America’s original bakery for dogs. Headquartered in Kansas City, the company provides oven-baked treats and pastries for dogs in over 48 retail bakeries across the U.S., Canada, and Hong Kong, as well as independent national pet and mass retailers.