Worth Begging For

When it comes to catering to canines, we’re the first (and finest) dog bakery in the animal kingdom. Check out some of the decadent dishes our bakeries are serving up.
Sunflower Pupcake - Cupcakes for Dogs

Sunflower Pupcake™

A wheat-flour Pupcake treat for dogs (carob or peanut butter) that is decorated with our buttermilk frosting colored with vegetable powder. A carob with peanut butter Lick N Crunch cookie tops the sunflower.

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2017Summer-Pizza Slice-0322 - Cookies for Dogs

Pyrenees Pizza Cookie

A soft, wheat-flour cookie for dogs that is decorated with our vanilla, yogurt frosting. Colors come from the addition of vegetable powders. Available by the slice.

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Wag-A-Melon Cookie Slice - Cookies for Dogs

Wag-A-Melon Cookie

A soft, wheat-flour cookie for dogs that is decorated with vanilla frosting colored with vegetable powder. Topped with carob drops as seeds.

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Smores Licket Split - Desserts for Dogs

S’mores Lickety Split

Our vanilla Lickety Split gets a summer update. It’s topped with carob and sprinkled with peanut butter Animal Cracker crumbs for your dog.

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Pawprint Pupcake - Cupcakes for Dogs

Pawprint Pupcake™

A wheat-flour, carob Pupcake™ made for dogs is topped with our buttermilk frosting. It’s then decorated with a Carob and Peanut Butter Lick’N Sandwich Crunch Cookie and then three Mini Lick’N Crunch Sandwich Cookies with a dot of carob.

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Wag A Melon Cake - Cakes for Dogs

Wag-A-Melon Cake

Our wheat-free cake for dogs is colored with beet powder and sweetened with honey and applesauce. It is sprinkled with carob chips and edged with coconut. Available as a whole cake or by the slice.

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Pug In A Blanket - Cookies for Dogs

Pug In A Blanket

A wheat-flour cookie bun made for dogs surrounds a wheat-flour cookie colored with vegetable powder. A thin line of yogurt adds the finishing touches.

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HamburGRR Pupcake - Cupcakes for Dogs

HamburGRR Pupcake®

We take a wheat-flour Pupcake sprinkled with sesame seeds and split it in half to act as the bun. The patty is a Lick N Crunch cookie dipped in carob that is perfect for dogs. Lettuce and tomato are buttermilk frosting colored with vegetable powder.

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Labrador Loaf - Cakes for Dogs

Labrador Loaf

Carob-flavored, wheat-cake loaf that is made for dogs is dipped in carob and topped with swirls of frosting.

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PawtyCake - Cookies for Dogs

Pawty Cake Cookie

Wheat-flour cookie for dogs in the shape of a birthday cake. Sweetened with honey. Decorated with yogurt and carob. Color comes from vegetable powders.

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Ice cream Sandwiches - Treats for Dogs

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Our version of ice cream for dogs, Lickety Splits, is sandwiched in between two wheat-flour cookies. Four flavors available: Strawberry Creme, Peanut Butter, Cookies & Creme, or Carob Chip.

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Blueberry Doxie Donut - Desserts for Dogs

Blueberry Doxie Donut

Our baked, rice flour donut for dogs has blueberries baked inside. Decorated with our traditional frosting with the addition of dried blueberries.

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